Research into the development of a novel, scalable, industrial process for the continuous production of high quality re-processable rubber compounds

About ReMould Project

TyresReMould will last for two years and is funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) within its Sustainable Materials and Products programme. Projects within this programme are designed to develop materials technologies that will facilitate the development of value-added products and processes with reduced environmental and societal impacts. More that £490k of direct financial assistance will be provided by the TSB, with the project partners contributing another £490k between them.

The ReMould consortium comprises the original six DevulCO2 Members, which are Smithers Rapra, PJH Partnership, Martins Rubber Company, BD Technical Polymer, J. Allcock & Sons, and Charles Lawrence International, with the addition of two new members Kingpin Tyres and London Metropolitan University.

ReMould comprises of eight technical Work Packages:

Work Package 1: Detailed Specifications and Requirements

Work Package 2: Extrusion Devulcanisation Development

Work Package 3: Rubber Compound Development

Work Package 4: Characterisation, Analysis and Testing

Work Package 5: Product Evaluation and Testing

Work Package 6: Environmental, Technical and Economic Evaluation

Work Package 7: Exploitation, Training, IPR Management and Dissemination

Work Package 8: Project Management and Coordination

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